Monday, January 7, 2013

Outlet Haul

On a cold Saturday in December, we volunteered to market free gift wrapping at our local outlet mall. After that ordeal, we went to Gap and went our separate shopping ways.

Charlotte Russe


A: I didn't get anything from Gap (I feel like it's too overpriced for basic items..); however, I went to Charlotte Russe, where I bought a $4 skater skirt and a really awesome collared crop top/bustier for $8.  Later, I bought a long sleeve button down shirt from Ross for $13.

Pants from Gap


S: I agree with Audinne on Gap's prices. The prices are high enough to make do a double take whenever I look at a price tag. But after much searching, I found trousers that were on sale for $15. The little dot pattern on them is so pretty!  Later on, I went to Target and bought a striped Peplum top for $15, and a dress by Kirna Zabete with pleather detailing for $7. I'm not sure who Kirna Zabete is, but if I did I would tell her that I like her dresses.

Audinne and Sydney

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