Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY Sweatshirt

A few of my thoughts after finding this post in my drafts after a long damn time:
"Oh god, what"
"How have I not posted this yet?"
"Maybe, I can pretend that I never forgot- do people do that"
"Will this be relevant if I post it as a back to school DIY?"

Anyways, here's the actual DIY that I probably said was going to be posted like a year ago (whoops):

If you've ever been to the dude's section at Target (and really anywhere), you would have noticed how ridiculously soft their sweatshirts are. So, I set out to customize some sweatshirts and here's how I did it:

a sweater or sweatshirt
some fabric (you really don't need much. I got half a yard of lace for the ribs and only used a third of it)
permanent marker or pencils
optional: good music to listen to

- Find a design that you want and either print it out or sketch it if you want a really large design (I taped four pieces of paper together than drew my ribs pattern onto it).

-Cut out the pattern and pin it to the fabric of your choice. You will most likely have to hand sew your design if you have a complex design unless you have one of those fancy sewing machines that I'm not quite sure how to use...
-Sew the design on and wear with pride!

Or if you want to take the easier route, buy some of transfer paper so you only need to iron it on (be sure to read the package's instructions).


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Put a Light On

Hello friends! Today... is Tuesday. However,  I have (what I think) is a very good reason for this. Last night I decided that putting up our new logo was worth posting this Music Monday one day late. I'm really, really, really, really excited about it! Designing it took a lot of trial and error. Originally I planned to have sacks of flour with spikes on them, but at best it was just weird. This logo, although it is based off of 'flowers' rather than 'flours',  kind captures what our blog is about and what we want our blog to be.

In the weeks since my last Music Monday (that wasn't all about rap music), this playlist has gotten out of control and expanded times 3.  So many new albums have come out on top of all the new artists I've found that there was no way to keep the playlist down to only 6 songs. I wanted to include every single song on every album, but instead I'll let you guys discover them for yourselves.

 Because I'm lazy, I will only list six of the songs on here. But I do hope that you check out the rest of the song on Spotify, Youtube, Itunes, etc. Think of it as like a Pre-Summer playlist!

The playlist*:
"Put a Light On" - Generationals
"Orange Blossom" - Gardens & Villa
"Ocean's Deep" - Born Ruffians
"While I'm Alive" - STRFKR
"Venice" - The Lighthouse and The Whaler
"Back to the Middle" - Deerhunter
 *click to find the rest of the tracks

One last thing I'd like to say before I end this blog post is: Hi ppl from my school ☺


Monday, May 6, 2013


Hey lovelies!  I must also apologize for being MIA recently.  School has been a real drag lately, with the end of year tests (since there are, what, five weeks left of school for me) and my unwillingness to actually do work.  And considering the extent to which I procrastinate, the next few weeks will also be a struggle, because I'd rather not do anything anymore.  I really just want summer to be here, so I can stare at social media sites without the guilt
The playlist:
"Together/Never" - Oberhofer
"Thirst" - City and Colour
"Can't Keep Your Mind Off" - Data Romance
"I Love It - feat. Charli XCX" - Icona Pop
"Heartbeat" - Childish Gambino
"Miss Missing You" - Fall Out Boy
"Crocodile Rock" - Elton John


p.s. I am also bad at this crazy, little thing called blogging

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sum It Up Sunday: March - April

I guess maybe I'm kind of, sort of, a little, really bad at blogging? It's been almost one whole month since my last Sum It Up post, its 4 minutes till the end of Sunday,and I even took a Twitter break while writing this (What am I doing?!!) I'm really sorry for the lack of posts in general on this blog... All of my (super small amount) of motivation has been going into school recently, so this blog is always being neglected.

In other news, the pink hearts returned again! The reason for this being that the sun was really bright and I could barely open my eyes. Also with my Asian ethnicity, that was a recipe for disaster lolz

Well,  here is the part where I promise to try to post more, but I think we all know by now that it'd be a lie :-(

 * Outfit Details will go up later* *its 12:36 am now* *goodnight*


Monday, April 8, 2013

Do you like it?

For this Music Monday I decided to show you guys a little more of my love for rap music. I may not seem like it, but I actually listen to rap music everyday. Some of my fave rappers are Kanye West , Little Brother, and Blu.  I gave a sneak peek of this guilty pleasure in my first Music Monday, but here is a playlist dedicated all to some of my favorite rap songs! 

Do You Like It? - Chaz Van Queen
Dear Raleigh - Kooley High
Gone - Kanye West
Say It Again - Little Brother
A Song For That - Oddisee
Samsonite Man - Fashawn
Swell - Common Market
Does She Love Me? - Chiddy Bang
Black Mags - The Cool Kids
A Man - Blu & Exile

Other hip hop things I love are beatstrumentals on SoundCloud. Check out Ta-ku, weirddough, Handbook, and kirvy. Sometimes they even give free downloads!!

later homies,


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Wants

O dang its already the end of March... Is life going by in fast forward?
Here our Wednesday Wants for March before it becomes midnight and turns into Thursday.

-high waisted shorts (have I mentioned them before? hehe)
-denim circle skirt
-floral bustier
-daisy headband
-lilac creepers
-cardigan with fringe

 Wednesday Wants


- Kenzo tiger sweater
- Sandals for spring time
- Double platform Superga sneakers
- Gold Jeweled necklace
- Ornamented bag

A message from Sydney: Sorry for the lack of posts lately! During spring break we've kind of taken some down time to take a breather from school and stress. Hopefully we will go thrifting and put up some hauls of things we bought recently.

Stay chill just like this spring season we're having


Audinne and Sydney

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tourist History

Happy Monday, not really!  I've been a little off the entire day thanks to the hour change, which I often question how applicable it is to our modern America when artificial light is quite accessible   Anyways, for the past week or so, I have also been obsessed with the Japanese avatar game Line Play.  I don't understand why I'm so entertained by it, but it is so much fun.  And as a bonus, I've managed to win eight little cat dolls.
So, here's the playlist:
"Stay Useless" - Cloud Nothings
"Believer" - American Authors
"Eat That Up, It's Good For You" - Two Door Cinema Club
"Can You Tell" - Ra Ra Riot
"Dark Paradise" - Lana Del Rey
"Yet Again" - Grizzly Bear