Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 2013 Wants

Hello! We've decided to have our Wants post on the last Wednesday of each month, so we could have a generous list of things we have been into lately.
Audinne's Wants:
-leather or pleather skirt
-circle sunglasses
-frilly socks
-cut out boots
-Moschino belt
-cross or other patterned tights
-rose gold watch
-more rings

Wednesday Wants

Sydney's Wants:
-Clothing by SUNO < >
- Cut out Chelsea boots from Shakuhachi
- Chevron Ring
- Retro Sunnies
- Rose Gold Headphones from Frends

We hope you enjoy our recent lusts. We'll be lusting again next month too.

Audinne and Sydney

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cry Baby

I spy a hair roller
not sure what happened with this, but it looks rad

button down - ross
tank top - ross
skirt - thrifted
belt - my mom's
doc marten's - journeys
rings - charlotte russe; forever 21

I've currently been in love with velvet clothing.  I love how it feels and how it adds a different texture to an outfit.  I'll have to figure out how to incorporate it in the spring.  Or just not care and continue to wear velvet.

By the way, we shall be posting our Wants this Wednesday (tomorrow?), so stay tuned for that.


Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Alright

It's another Monday again. <Warning: Super long dairy post ahead!!!> These past couple of weeks have been  a rollercoaster of good and bad things.  First, lets start with exams. Overall I did really well on all of them. I even did well on my English exam where I had to write a creative excerpt for The Great Gatsby and I ended up saying that Gatsby killed Daisy. However, there was one exam I did very poorly on. Spanish. When I revealed the news to my parents, it seemed like time stopped because  they didn't blink at all for 5 minutes. Later my dad called me over and said "Sydney, are you having any boy problems?" That made me lol though.
Second, I lost two very important things: a diamond ring and my Sims 3 game. I couldn't find them anywhere I looked. But then something amazing happened. On Friday, I suddenly got the urge to wear a certain shirt and when I pulled it out the ring just flew out  of nowhere! As of now I'm feeling a weird mix of feelings. I feel both happy and disappointed at the same time, but hopefully the weeks ahead will leave me just feeling happy.

I hope you all have a very splendid week and enjoy my playlist!

"The Fisherman" by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
"Secrets Make Sounds" by French Cassettes
"It's Alright" by Opus Orange
"Woodwind" by Other Lives
"When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars
"Just a Friend" by Mario


update: my mom said she thinks she donated my sims 3 game to Salvation Army :(

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sum It Up Sunday: January 27, 2013

I'm not sure how to start these posts, so welcome to  last Sunday of January 2013! It's so crazy to think about.  It seems like the beginning of the year was just a few days ago.  This week, my area has been graced with a little bit of snow.  It was enough to get a delay and an early closing, which allowed me to watch even more movies (I've watched at least 13 since the beginning of the year....) and listen to music.  I took a break from being unproductive and went to the Salvation Army yesterday.  I bought a black, velvet maxi skirt for $4 and a purple, pleated maxi skirt that was also $4.  Sadly, the purple skirt is not the size six it suggested, so I may turn it into a shorter skirt. I also went to Ross where I got $5 heels (!!) and a grey tank top with silver skulls for $8.


Monday, January 14, 2013

A Guide to Love, Loss, and Desperation

It's Monday again, the start of a new week, specifically the start of exam week.  Thankfully, I only had one exam today.  However, I shall have to bid thee adieu for now, as I have to study for my other exams.

Here's the playlist:
"Paper Ships" by Dead Man's Bones
"40 Day Dream" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
"Marry Me" by St. Vincent
"Seven Devils" by Florence + the Machine
"Mary" by The Maccabees
"Let's Dance To Joy Division" by The Wombats


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sum It Up Sunday: January 7 - January 11, 2013

Hi everyone! These are the outfits I wore this past week at school. Thanks to my friends Ashleigh and Rachel for taking these pics for me. Most of these pictures were taken at school as well, so please pretend you don't see the girl looking at us weirdly on Friday. Enjoy :)

Outfit Details
Denim shirt- Sears (French Connection)
White top - Kohls
Leggings - Sears (French Connection)
Flats - H&M bought from Plato's Closet


Outfit Details
Button up Shirt- H&M
Skirt- Gap
Belt - H&M
Tights- Kohls
Boots - Target
Outfit Details
Sweater - H&M
Necklace - H&M
Pants - Target
Shoes -H&M

Outfit Details
Peplum top - Kohls (Lauren Conrad)
Necklace - H&m
Velvet pants - Kohls (Lauren Conrad)
Oxfords - Not Rated

 Outfit Details
Cardigan - Thrifted
Dress - Vintage
Skirt worn underneath - Vintage
Necklace - H&M
Scarf- Target
Oxfords- Not Rated

Next week is Exam Week for me and Audinne so we may dress like bums. And bummy equals no Sum It Up Sunday post. However, we are planning to go thrifting next weekend as a reward for working hard. We'll try to blog about it!

Peace, love, and chocolate from Dove


p.s. Y do I wear H&M so much


I can't believe half of the school year has already passed!  It's gone by too quickly in my opinion (mostly because exams are this week, oh my!)  My order from Forever 21 came in this week which helped to ease my anxiety.  I bought a pair of velvet leggings (I cannot properly express how much I love them) for $12.80, a pair of floral leggings for $8.80, an over-sized white tee for $, a black sweater for $, and a silver collar necklace for $.

My nerdy shirt from Qwertee also came in.  It was about $17 with their discount code.  I also went shopping on Saturday (instead of studying for exams..).  I bought a grey cardigan at Marshall's for $13 and an adjustable, velvet dress for $12 at Ross.

Have a great week!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friends Friday: January 11, 2013

This Friends Friday we are having a double edition! We hope you enjoy seeing what our friends dress like on the reg, and learning a bit about who they are.


Nicki is a junior in high school like us.

Q: What colors do you like to wear the most?

Nicki: Hmm I like to wear a lot of blue... I'm not sure why. Probably because it's my favorite color.

Q: What tv shows have you been watching lately?
Nicki: I enjoy watching the Big Bang Theory and am starting to get addicted to HBO and Cinemax.

Outfit Details
Jacket - Target
Skirt - Vintage Eddie Bauer from the 90s
Shirt - Fred David
Shoes - American Eagle


Sabrina is also a junior in high school!

Q: What colors do you like to wear the most and why?
Sabrina: Black because I have trouble with matching, plus black is a classic that goes with everything, and maroon I love but don't have enough of.

Q: What tv shows have you been watching lately?
Sabrina: I've been watching Made in Chelsea and How I Met Your Mother

Outfit Details
Leggings - Talbots
Beatles shirt - New York
Denim shirt - Thrifted Polo
Scarf - Charming Charlies
Shoes -Old Navy

Audinne and Sydney

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dreams Come True

Hello everyone, and happy first Music Monday of 2013! I hope you all had a great holiday season :) I spent mine doing nothing except watching Korean dramas, watching YouTube, and playing Fun Run (hit me up guys @gardenns Cloud Road any day). During my last minute homework rush these songs helped keep me focused. Please enjoy!

My Playlist
If It Wasn't For You - Various Cruelties
A Sunday Kind Of Love - Etta James
Dreams Come True Girl - Cass McCombs
Car Crash - Telekenisis
Funtimes In Babylon - Father John Misty
Bells Ring - Empress Hotel

An outfits of the week posts will be up on Friday featuring some of our good friends! I'm really excited.

 s/o to my friend Gabrielle who made all of these posts today happen.

The outfits of the week post will now be going up as a Sum It Up Sunday post!

Outlet Haul

On a cold Saturday in December, we volunteered to market free gift wrapping at our local outlet mall. After that ordeal, we went to Gap and went our separate shopping ways.

Charlotte Russe


A: I didn't get anything from Gap (I feel like it's too overpriced for basic items..); however, I went to Charlotte Russe, where I bought a $4 skater skirt and a really awesome collared crop top/bustier for $8.  Later, I bought a long sleeve button down shirt from Ross for $13.

Pants from Gap


S: I agree with Audinne on Gap's prices. The prices are high enough to make do a double take whenever I look at a price tag. But after much searching, I found trousers that were on sale for $15. The little dot pattern on them is so pretty!  Later on, I went to Target and bought a striped Peplum top for $15, and a dress by Kirna Zabete with pleather detailing for $7. I'm not sure who Kirna Zabete is, but if I did I would tell her that I like her dresses.

Audinne and Sydney

Black Friday Haul

We apologize that this post is super duper late.  This post kept getting pushed back because of homework and forgetfulness. Anyway, on Black Friday. we went to a really awesome mall that was about an hour away.  We bought stuff at a two story Forever 21, H&M, Love Culture, and Papaya, while checking out some other stores, like Macy's and Charming Charlie. The mall was not as crowded as we expected it to be since we got there around 8 a.m. Here are our hauls:

Forever 21 and Love Culture

Papaya, Burlington Coat Factory, and Marshall's 

A: From Forever 21, I got two skirts from the clearance section that were $4.50 each. At Love Culture (which is my new favorite store) I got a pair of black jeans and a pair of blue jeggings that were both $7.99.  I got the collared shirt from Papaya for $7. Later on, I went to Burlington Coat Factory in search of clothing for a wedding that I was attending, where I got a ring for $5.  Then I went to Marshall's where I got a $20 blue dress.  (Also, I'm not sure what's up with the lighting, but I apologize)

Forever 21


S: From Forever 21 I bought a cape for $20 and a peter pan collar dress for $6. I also bought a simple ball necklace for $4 and tights  for $6. From H&M I bought black trousers for $5, a sweater for $10, and a coat for $20. Later on in the mail I received my Heattech leggings from UNIQLO and they are literally the best leggings I've ever owned! They are very thin, but they keep you very warm. Check out the UNIQULO website for more deets on them.

Tips for mall trippin:
  • Leggings + Camisole + Long Cardigan = Easier times in the fitting room! Because leggings and a camisole can be worn under every article of clothing, the cardigan would be the only thing you would have to remove. This combination will also keep you comfortable while still looking put together (and you can try on tons of clothes).
  • Try out new stores. You may be pleasantly surprised!
  • Always stop by a department store or Bath & Body Works to smell better. If long lines have you sweating, freshen up by sampling all the new fragrances.
  • Always, always, always go through the sale items. Don't be turned off by clothes that are seemingly just "leftovers". If you take the time to go through each item, more often than not, you will find a diamond in the rough.
  • Try stuff on if you can. Nothing is worse than buying something you thought would be amazing only to find out it makes you look like a 5 year old boy or an amoeba.
  • Most importantly, don't stress!! Just go with the flow and try to have fun :)
Audinne and Sydney

Sorry this post is so late. This is really all my fault, like really really all my fault. ~ Sydney