Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY Sweatshirt

A few of my thoughts after finding this post in my drafts after a long damn time:
"Oh god, what"
"How have I not posted this yet?"
"Maybe, I can pretend that I never forgot- do people do that"
"Will this be relevant if I post it as a back to school DIY?"

Anyways, here's the actual DIY that I probably said was going to be posted like a year ago (whoops):

If you've ever been to the dude's section at Target (and really anywhere), you would have noticed how ridiculously soft their sweatshirts are. So, I set out to customize some sweatshirts and here's how I did it:

a sweater or sweatshirt
some fabric (you really don't need much. I got half a yard of lace for the ribs and only used a third of it)
permanent marker or pencils
optional: good music to listen to

- Find a design that you want and either print it out or sketch it if you want a really large design (I taped four pieces of paper together than drew my ribs pattern onto it).

-Cut out the pattern and pin it to the fabric of your choice. You will most likely have to hand sew your design if you have a complex design unless you have one of those fancy sewing machines that I'm not quite sure how to use...
-Sew the design on and wear with pride!

Or if you want to take the easier route, buy some of transfer paper so you only need to iron it on (be sure to read the package's instructions).