Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Put a Light On

Hello friends! Today... is Tuesday. However,  I have (what I think) is a very good reason for this. Last night I decided that putting up our new logo was worth posting this Music Monday one day late. I'm really, really, really, really excited about it! Designing it took a lot of trial and error. Originally I planned to have sacks of flour with spikes on them, but at best it was just weird. This logo, although it is based off of 'flowers' rather than 'flours',  kind captures what our blog is about and what we want our blog to be.

In the weeks since my last Music Monday (that wasn't all about rap music), this playlist has gotten out of control and expanded times 3.  So many new albums have come out on top of all the new artists I've found that there was no way to keep the playlist down to only 6 songs. I wanted to include every single song on every album, but instead I'll let you guys discover them for yourselves.

 Because I'm lazy, I will only list six of the songs on here. But I do hope that you check out the rest of the song on Spotify, Youtube, Itunes, etc. Think of it as like a Pre-Summer playlist!

The playlist*:
"Put a Light On" - Generationals
"Orange Blossom" - Gardens & Villa
"Ocean's Deep" - Born Ruffians
"While I'm Alive" - STRFKR
"Venice" - The Lighthouse and The Whaler
"Back to the Middle" - Deerhunter
 *click to find the rest of the tracks

One last thing I'd like to say before I end this blog post is: Hi ppl from my school ☺


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