Monday, May 6, 2013


Hey lovelies!  I must also apologize for being MIA recently.  School has been a real drag lately, with the end of year tests (since there are, what, five weeks left of school for me) and my unwillingness to actually do work.  And considering the extent to which I procrastinate, the next few weeks will also be a struggle, because I'd rather not do anything anymore.  I really just want summer to be here, so I can stare at social media sites without the guilt
The playlist:
"Together/Never" - Oberhofer
"Thirst" - City and Colour
"Can't Keep Your Mind Off" - Data Romance
"I Love It - feat. Charli XCX" - Icona Pop
"Heartbeat" - Childish Gambino
"Miss Missing You" - Fall Out Boy
"Crocodile Rock" - Elton John


p.s. I am also bad at this crazy, little thing called blogging

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