Monday, February 18, 2013

Transcendental Youth

Happy Presidents day and music Monday!  Recently, I finished The Virgin Suicides, which is a feat because it's been sitting on my side table for a couple of months.  I thought it was pretty good read, actually. I'll have to check out the movie now.  In other news, my friend had a really, really fun Valentine's party last Friday that included a scavenger hunt at our local outlet mall and a movie.  The scavenger hunt was hilarious and amazing! I ended up doing the macarena in a Timberland store and I got to hug a rather dapper looking Old Navy employee.  A very memorable night, in my opinion.

So, here's the playlist:
"Are You Satisfied?" - Marina & the Diamonds
"Carried Away" - Passion Pit
"Cry for Judas" - The Mountain Goats
"Naive" - The Kooks
"Rosalinda's Eyes" - Billy Joel
"Playground Love (With Gordon Tracks)" - Air


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