Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lover's Carvings

Sorry everyone! Coming out of Thanksgiving break made me forget when the days of the week were, and thus I failed to post a Music Monday :( But don't worry I'll post one today even though its Tuesday! I hope you like it.

Canadian Girl - The Walkmen
lover's carvings - Bibio (this song has a really long intro)
Goodnight Moon - Said The Whale
Island, IS - Volcano Choir
New Loved Ones - Toro y Moi
Where'd All the Time go - Dr. Dog

I also have been listening to Lullatone's "Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures" album nonstop while doing homework... The songs really fit the everyday adventures they were composed for, and they are really relaxing! Take a listen if you are feeling sad or depressed.



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